I’m Super Fine - Sticker
I’m Super Fine - Sticker

I’m Super Fine - Sticker

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For all my artsy, Introverted, Sharpie lovers out there! You know how sometimes you sit in a corner quietly, minding your own business and someone keeps asking you what is wrong but really you’re fine? Not JUST fine but SUPER fine, like don’t bother me fine? Also you’re most likely also *snaps* FIIIIIIIIIINE (like sexy). This is for you!

Die-cut stickers are waterproof and tear-proof. Great for water bottles, laptops, computers, or anywhere else you want to leave your mark! 

Having a hard time choosing just one sticker? Let me make it easier! Get four stickers for $10 - a $12 value!

Size: 5”x0.5”

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