Meet Helen

Hi! I am Helen and these are my precious pups. I am a Washington, DC native, so you will see a lot of DC pride across some of my work. I love animals, puns, silly humor, and food - all of which are depicted in my art and illustrations. Growing up I always loved stickers, stationery, cards, really all paper goods. Every time I saw something cute or funny, it brought a huge smile to my face, which made it really hard to want to use it or give it away. I was that weirdo who instead of using stickers, I collected them - In fact, I still have a sticker book from when I was 10! Looking for some old-school/retro stationery? Let me pull out my collection and share with you the Animaniacs one I received as a gift in 1997.

I started Hello Herren not only to bring more joy into the world, but to share a unique sense of humor with those who, like me, find themselves at the intersection of different cultures. As a a first-generation Chinese American, it was hard to me to find paper goods that reflected the different influences in my life that make up my sense of humor and my interests. Either that or I am just too corny for regular cards.

So why Hello Herren? Firstly, because my paper goods are a great way to just say "hello!" Secondly, Herren's or (more accurately spelled) Heron's symbolize determination, stillness, and tranquility. My parents immigrated from China without knowing the language, the people, or the culture, all to create a better life for me and my sisters. The heron is a nod to my parents and all those who made a choice to build a better life and world. What's more? Those who know and (hopefully) love me also refer to me as Herren.

My hope for Hello Herren is that my items bring joy to all but especially those who, like me, always wanted to find something that combined the different cultural influences in their lives. I hope you find something you like and love in my shop today, but if not, I am always creating new things, so I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram.

Looking for a specific card and can't find it anywhere? E-mail me! It might be a product we want to create and share with the rest of the Hello Herren family!


Hello Herren is a small, AAPI and woman-owned business based in Washington, DC. All items are personally drawn by founder of Hello Herren, Helen Li. Helen is also available for commissioned and customized pieces. To learn more about pricing, use the contact page on the site or email Helen at